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The school provides the setting for learning; the facilities, the staff, materials and equipment. In order for the school to be successful in helping each child grow in knowledge and develop to his or her highest potential, THE STUDENT must be willing to work and to cooperate by upholding the school rules and policies stated in this handbook.

The PARENTS’ contribution in working with the school is also vitally important and necessary: seeing that the student arrives on time, reading communications sent home, supporting the school regulations, taking an interest in the student’s work and progress, and attending conferences. The following are suggested ways in which parents can help with their child’s education.

Provide necessary assistance and a positive, supportive attitude for completing assigned tasks according to instructions from the teacher. Parents should refrain from doing the student’s homework.

Provide an appropriate time and a positive environment for study and learning.

Develop a routine to insure that:

• All required assignments, books and materials are brought home.
• All assignments are completed and returned to school on time.
• The students have an organized means of keeping and carrying homework.
• All textbooks are covered and kept clean throughout the year.

Promptly communicate any concerns or questions regarding homework assignments to your child’s teacher.

Be informed and supportive of your child’s involvement in all school/classroom activities and be an active participant whenever possible.