Kihei Elementary School

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General Information

Possession or use of intoxicating compounds, dangerous drugs or tobacco products are prohibited on school grounds at all times.
The Department of Education has implemented a statewide pre-paid bus pass system. The Pre-paid Bus Pass system requires parents to pre purchase their child’s bus pass quarterly or for the school year. Payment is made directly to the school. Questions can be forwarded to Student Transportation at 984-8025.
Parents are responsible for notifying the school of changes in name, address, telephone, size of family, custodial and emergency care of the student.
Kihei Elementary utilizes the School Connects Automated Messaging System. The School Connects System uses the telephone or cell phone to relay information such as absences, school closures, early release, etc to parents. Please notify the school of changes in telephone numbers.
If you find it necessary to bring articles of clothing, lunches, etc. to school during the day, please take them to the school office. They will be delivered to your child. Following this procedure will prevent classroom interruptions.
Students are asked to dress for school in a way which will enable them to best participate in academic and PE activities each day. Shorts and skirts should be at fingertip length. T-shirt slogans should be free of alcoholic beverage ads, drugs and crude language. Suitable footwear should be worn at all times to minimize injury. These standards set a tone which says, “I came to school today to learn and do my best.” Parents are encouraged to exercise discretion as to any safety concerns they may have regarding attire and should dress their children accordingly. School Administration will have final say as to what is deemed appropriate attire.
Field trips are part of the education program and students are expected and encouraged to attend. In order to participate in school-related excursions and/or activities off campus, the following are required:
• Completion of Form SA-1 (Parent Authorization for Student Travel)
• Outstanding debts must be cleared
• Proper school behavior
Any student who does not fulfill these requirements will not be allowed to participate in off campus activities.
Money will not be accepted after the deadline stated on the field trip notice.
The DOE no longer participates with Student Accident Insurance. It is the responsibility of the parent to have medical insurance or parent may inquire about the Quest Program.
After 7:55 a.m. a student is late. The student must report to the office for a Tardy Slip before reporting to class.
Students are discouraged from using the office phones except for emergencies.
The office staff is not equipped to deliver personal messages to your child. Students are expected to plan after school activities with their parents before they come to school. Parents should also plan for rainy day after school pick-up ahead of time. Providing for these two emergencies will help in keeping our phone lines open. Telephone messages for teachers may be left with the office.
Students are responsible for all texts assigned to them. Each textbook should be covered with a book cover. There will be a charge for lost or damaged books.
Due to traffic congestion, we ask that parents dropping their children off before school or picking them up after school exercise extreme caution and patience. Be especially aware of any child entering or exiting a vehicle.