Kihei Elementary School


Lesley Alexander Castellanos, Equity Specialist for Baldwin Kekaulike Maui Complex Area may be reached at 808-600-9417 or via email at:

A major goal of Kihei Elementary is to reach and maintain an average daily attendance rate of 95% to comply with the Department of Education’s mandate. Consistent, on time, school attendance is directly related to your child’s(ren’s) academic progress.
* All students between the ages of 5 to 18 are required to attend school by law.
* Public school students are required to attend the school in their home district.
* The HRS 302A-1131 states that excused absences would be family court hearings, medical or dental reasons with a verifiable note provided by the doctor or dentist. All other absences would be considered unexcused.
* Students with chronic absences or tardies without the proper excusal documentation may have a truancy petition filed with Family Court.
Students are asked to dress for school in a way which will enable them to best participate in academic and PE activities each day. Shorts and skirts should be at fingertip length. T-shirt slogans should be free of alcoholic beverage ads, drugs and crude language. Suitable footwear should be worn at all times to minimize injury. These standards set a tone which says, “I came to school today to learn and do my best.” Parents are encouraged to exercise discretion as to any safety concerns they may have regarding attire and should dress their children accordingly. School Administration will have final say as to what is deemed appropriate attire.
Children who have head lice will be sent to the health room. In an effort to control the spreading of head lice, parents will be contacted to pick their children up if they are found to have live crawlers. Students should report to the health room when they return to school to allow the health aide to ensure the absence of head lice.