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Student Handbook

• Students are responsible for attending school on days when school is in session.
• Students should be present in their homeroom classes before 7:50 a.m.
• Students are responsible for being in the proper class at the proper time as stated in the school schedule.
• A student who arrives at school after 7:50a.m. will report to the office for a tardy slip which must be shown to the teacher.
• Absent students have the responsibility to request and complete any make-up work.
• Students who have a prior excuse from teachers to be on a field trip or to miss classes because of school related activities will not be considered absent.
• If a student will be absent from Kihei School and out of the State of Hawaii for more than four weeks the school must be notified and the student must officially withdraw and re-enroll upon returning to school. Placement back to the student’s previous class will be accommodated when possible, but will not be guaranteed.
We believe each student should know that . . .
I solve problems by choosing to:
1. LISTEN/Take turns.
2. WORK IT OUT WITH WORDS-Calmly talk it over.
3. IGNORE IT-Choose to walk away.
4. APOLOGIZE-Say, “I’m sorry. Are you O.K.?”
If these do not work, ask an adult for help.
Prohibited behaviors. . .
• Deliberate classroom disruption.
• Verbal or physical threat or action against another person.
• Fighting
• Use or possession of any illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
• Possession of any dangerous objects, including pocket knives, which could cause injury to another person.
• Harassment or intimidation of other students (making fun of a person’s name, nationality, appearance, abilities, etc.)