Kihei Elementary School

Student Handbook » School Procedures and Rules

School Procedures and Rules

1. Every student is expected to eat either a school lunch or a nutritious home lunch.
2. Students are to walk to and from the cafeteria.
3. Students are to pick up their lunches, hand mealtime cards to the cashier, and proceed to their assigned seats.
4. Students are responsible for taking their own trays and other articles to the designated area for disposal. Food or other meal items may not be taken out of the cafeteria.
5. Students are to use proper manners at the table and remain seated until they have been excused.
6. Students are to speak softly so that only the people nearest them can hear.
7. Students are to raise their hand if they need help from the Adult Supervisors. Adult Supervisors will direct students from the cafeteria to the playground.
1. Students shall play only in designated and supervised areas. Playing on the equipment
or on the playground before and after school is permitted only in the presence of a school official.
2. All students shall use playground equipment as directed. At all times, students shall take
3. An adult shall retrieve any ball that goes beyond the borders of the school playground.
4. Students are to use the designated restrooms and water fountains during recess.
1. Students shall remain on campus for the school day once they have arrived. They are
only allowed to leave on:
a) School sponsored excursions.
b) When accompanied by parent/guardian.
c) Specific direction of the principal or designee.
2. Students shall leave immediately after dismissal by their teachers.
3. Students shall walk up and down stairs, along sidewalks and hallways and inside all
buildings, at all times. Bicycles are permitted for school transportation only. They must be parked in the assigned area.
4. It shall be the duty of students to keep the school grounds clean by placing all litter in
5. Students shall dress neatly and appropriately at all times.
6. Only the amount of money necessary for daily school use should be brought to school-
no excess.
7. It is encouraged that footwear be worn at all times for the safety of the child.
8. Students shall leave the campus promptly at the end of the school day unless enrolled in the after school program or attending a tutoring class.
All students have the right to an education. When the behavior of a student disrupts activities and learning of other students or adults in school, the student will be held accountable and expected to accept the consequences.
Student Conduct:
1. Students should respect the flag of our state and nation.
2. Students should be courteous to all on campus, whether they are students, faculty, staff
or guest.
3. The rights and property of others, regardless of race, color, creed or sex, should be
4. Dress neatly and appropriately for school. (see DRESS POLICY)
5. Students should be clean and practice good personal hygiene.
6. All accidents and unsafe conditions should be reported by students to the person on duty or to their teacher.
7. Students should be responsible for their own equipment, school supplies and personal belongings. These items should be properly labeled, appropriately cared for and stored in a safe and secure place.
8. To insure the health and safety of all students and staff at school, students should act in a responsible manner at all times. No pencil fighting, pushing, shoving or running; throwing of rocks, seeds or branches; climbing on trees, roof tops and fences; tackling, kick-boxing or wrestling; no horseplay, arm wrestling or playing tag on equipment; no pyramiding, playing flinch or pretend fighting.
9. Students should conduct themselves appropriately on school related activities off campus that insures that all students will be able to benefit as much as possible from the programs they are attending.
10. Students should conduct themselves appropriately on school related activities off campus to insure that a good public image is projected.
11. The office phone may be used in emergencies and/or with the written permission of a teacher and/or office personnel.
12. Students are to cross East Lipoa Street and South Kihei Road only at designated crossings.
13. Students not being transported home by bus or under adult supervision, should leave the school campus no later than 10 minutes after the end of the school day.
14. Students shall respect the rights of others. No littering of the school campus, no use of profanity or other aggressive language, no producing loud and/or unnecessary noises around school buildings, no defacing the buildings or grounds, no picking or damaging plants, not loitering or playing in bathrooms.
15. Students will use properly designated sidewalks and routes to get from one part of the campus to the other.
16. Students must have proper authorizations from their supervising teacher to leave the classroom during class time.
17. Unless authorized to do so, students are not permitted to play with or in any way handle custodial and maintenance equipment, supplies or materials.
18. Students will follow rules, directives and directions of their teachers and other supervising adults while in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on campus, on the playground or on any school related activity.
19. Students are prohibited from being in out of bound areas, i.e. designated parking areas or roadways, school driveway, classrooms without adult supervision, outside the school grounds and/or chain link fence surrounding the school and any other designated out-of –bounds area throughout the school year.
20. Students are not permitted on the second floor of buildings A, E, or F without direct adult supervision.
21. The arbor is a place for quiet activities. Running, standing on benches, hanging and/or climbing on the roof or any other disorderly behavior is not permitted.
22. Students are to use designated stairways to enter or exit second floor area. Students are not permitted to jump or climb down from any second story buildings.
23. Hitting and/or kicking of balls and other articles against buildings is not permitted.
24. Students should observe good table manners, i.e. no taking food from another’s plate;
no pushing, shoving or cutting in line; no deliberate messes on the table or floor.
25. Throwing of food and other articles is not permitted. Students should clean up any food
they have spilled on the table, floor or bench.
26. Students riding bicycles to school must lock them in the bike racks provided at the
entrance of the school. Bicycles may not be ridden on campus. Students must get off their bicycles at the entrance to school and walk them across the road using the crosswalk.
1. All students in grades 4 and 5 are required to serve cafeteria duty on a rotational
basis, but may be excused with good reason.
2. Assigned students will report directly to the supervising adult for duty at the designated
3. Students will follow the directives of the supervising adult.
4. Students should wear closed toe shoes for safety reasons.
1. Students will follow the directives of the school bus passenger code.
2. Second trip bus riders will stay at the designated bus gates. They should sit and read or do homework while waiting. Students may not run, shove, horseplay, play on recess equipment or behave in a disorderly manner.
3. Students, after securing permission from adult supervisors, may leave the designated bus gates only to use the bathroom facilities in Building F.
4. Students are not allowed to leave campus while waiting for the second bus trip and return to ride the bus home. Once a student has left campus, it will be assumed they have walked home or found other means of transportation.
5. Kindergarten through fifth grade students will exit and board the busses from the lower campus only.